How the UMA is Changing the Advisory Space
06 - June 2020
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How the UMA is Changing the Advisory Space

Technology continues to advance multiple segments of the financial industry into a more efficient and user friendly experience. A core target of this revolution is the independent advisor and broker/dealer space, which has seen the continued amalgamation of services to promote unified technological hubs and integrated solutions across multiple services.

Clients are also becoming increasingly savvy as firms marketing directly to consumers are helping to educate the end client, who in turn demands these advantages from the advisors.

These developments have created new possibilities for reporting, administering, and managing client accounts and has led to a new ‘must have’ on the list of technological requirements: unified managed accounts, or UMAs.

UMAs are the next evolution in managed accounts.

24 - June 2019
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Managed Accounts Can Provide a Better Return than Mutual Funds

Mutual funds broke new ground in the investment industry, particularly gaining recognition in the 1980s and 1990s as a way for the retail investor to access active institutional money managers. The industry has continued to grow but has seen a significant challenge arising out of ETFs partially due to rising interest in passive investing and different structure characteristics . . .Investors often cite expense ratios as a core filter when considering these mutual funds, but in reality, how much do mutual funds really cost?

How To Manage the Impending Wealth Transfer
25 - April 2019
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How to Manage the Impending Wealth Transfer

Three Critical Strategies for Advisors

Thought Leadership from a Technology Leader. This paper explores some critical strategies investment advisors can undertake now to increase the likelihood of retaining client assets, in preparation for what is expected to be the biggest generational wealth transfer in history.

Is It Time To Shift From Funds To Managed Accounts?
16 - August 2018
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Is It Time To Shift From Funds To Managed Accounts?

How Technology Is Providing Better Value

Managed Accounts have been in existence for decades, but the landscape is still dominated by derivative fund products in the form of mutual funds and, more recently, exchange traded funds (ETFs). However, technological innovation in the managed accounts industry has seen a rebirth of these solutions as advisors and broker/dealers look for advantages to help clients achieve a better investment experience.