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Investment Strategies

Traditional, Alternative and Index Strategies in One Account

Wealth advisors can now complement their traditional, long only allocations with strategies typically less correlated to the market, such as hedged equity, market-neutral, and options strategies. In addition, SMArtX Advisory Solutions offers direct index strategies, both long and long/short, as well as more well-known market indexes. These types of strategies have been shown to help reduce volatility and protect against acute downside movements, especially in times of significant market disruptions.

Each of these traditional, alternative, and index strategies is offered through the SMArtX advisor dashboard and the same managed account structure, providing a single interface to create investment portfolios that meet your client’s investment objectives.

SMArtX offers model portfolios of investment strategies across a full spectrum of options.

Market Cap

Large, Mid, SMID, Small

Security Type

US Equities, Options, ETFs, ADRs, REITS, MLPs


Domestic, International, Global, Regional

Investing Methodology

Value, Growth, Opportunistic, Tactical, Index


Communications, Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Infrastructure, SRI/ESG, Technology, Real Estate, Utilities

SMArtX is the only platform to offer intra-day institutional alternative strategies in a UMA/SMA structure.

The platform’s unique technology is able to accurately create model portfolios through receipt of intra-day trade information directly from the alternative investment firm’s trading systems and counterparties. By executing and allocating directly into client accounts, investors are able to have a model portfolio of an alternative strategy just like they do traditional strategies.

Hedged Equities

Portfolios consist of both long and short positions

Market Neutral

Long and short positions are structured to offset systematic market risk

Short Only

Portfolios consist of only short positions to capture alpha from price declines


Various strategies capitalizing on pricing inefficiencies due to the passage of time

Implementing an investment portfolio consisting of both traditional and alternative strategies can decrease the volatility of the portfolio and enable higher compounded returns over time.

Grow Your Business

Retain client assets by providing a managed alternative allocation instead of your clients maintaining assets away.

Actively Manage Portfolios

Position level transparency and intra-day liquidity provide the most flexibility in managing client assets.

Diversify Client Portfolios

Build portfolios using strategies across market cap, asset classes, and investment methodologies to create less correlated portfolios that are differentiated from high beta products.

Lower Portfolio Volatility

Adding alternatives can reduce monthly return swings while maintaining performance returns.

Reduce Downside Movements

Including alternative strategies in a portfolio can limit drawdowns, enabling higher compounded returns.

Non-correlated Alpha Generation

Alternative strategies can actually produce alpha when hedging, instead of merely preserving capital such as going to a cash position.