09/03/19   SMArtX – Going a Step Further with Direct Indexing

08/31/19   Competition Among TAMPs Heats Up

08/31/19   SmartX Advisory Solutions began in 2013 as a TAMP connecting advisers with alternative and hedge fund strategies and has grown to $1.4 billion in assets under administration. Now the company provides a full range of investment…

08/13/19   The IDX Crypto Opportunity index (COIN) is available on SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ managed accounts platform.

08/12/19   SMArtX was first to offer long/short strategies to advisors in a UMA structure and is proud to work with IDX to offer pioneering Crypto strategies to the advisor marketplace.

08/09/19   Press Release—IDX Insights Launches the First, Investable IDX Crypto Opportunity Index (COIN); Now Available on SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ Platform

07/22/19   Press Release—Independent Financial Partners Chooses SMArtX Advisory Solutions

06/18/19   Press Release—SMArtX Advisory Solutions Expands OCIO Offering

05/20/19   Since SMArtX became an exclusive vendor for SS&C, its AUM surged $954 billion — a 657% jump

04/16/19   SS&C has an exclusive relationship with the West Palm Beach, Fla.-based TAMP SMArtX

04/10/19   The Exclusive Deal SMArtX Cinched with Black Diamond is Yielding Tiffany Results

04/08/19   SMArtX Adds 20 New Strategies to UMA Platform

03/22/19   SS&C-backed Miami TAMP and UMA vendor SMArtX have all added OCIO Capabilities

02/04/19   Press Release—SMArtX Adds OCIO Services to Managed Accounts Platform

12/10/18   First Ascent’s SMA products went live on Envestnet’s systems on Nov. 9, 2018, including SMArtX

09/12/18   Black Diamond Wealth Platform Features New Capability, the Rebalancer

03/20/18   The Latest to Offer Direct Indexing

03/19/18   Three Emerging Trends That Are Upending Our Profession

02/07/18   SMArtX Expands Direct Indexing Platform

02/07/18   SMArtX Offers Direct Indexing for Free

02/07/18   SMArtX Offers Direct Indexing for Free, Adds Several Thomson Reuters/S-Networks ESG Best Practice Indexes

12/30/17   Weekend Reading for Financial Planners 

09/15/17   With SmartX, over 250 investment strategies are now available on the Black Diamond wealth platform.

09/08/17   SMArtX adds 27 investment strategies to managed accounts platform

09/07/17   Bob Veres Predicts New Investment Model That Could Give Advisers Edge Over Competition

08/07/17   5 Retail Model Marketplaces Struggle for Advisor Assets

02/28/17   Beaumont strategies added to SMArtX

02/03/17   SS&C, HedgeCoVest Integrate on Tech Platform, Managed Account Offering