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Allocation rebalancer, customized drift monitoring, and multi-account target applications streamline your investment management workflow. Implementing Your Investment Strategy Holistic understanding of your client’s portfolio value, sleeve-level performance reporting, and long/short exposure metrics means better information flow between you and your client. Intra-day Performance Monitoring and Account Valuation Customized on-line proposal generation, hosted account opening, both with digital signature, and intra-day ‘click to allocate’ functionality reduces the red tape. Realizing Your Roadmap Online The only platform with access to traditional, alternative, and index investment strategies in a UMA structure. Exclusive Strategy Access

SMArtX Advisory Solutions is the next evolution in managed accounts technology, catering to independent wealth advisors, broker/dealers, OCIOs, and RIA aggregators. The platform provides a single interface to access and manage traditional, alternative, and direct index investment strategies through a unified managed accounts (‘UMA’) structure.

The platform’s advanced technology enables wealth advisors to incorporate third party strategies with internal strategies in fully customized portfolios which are easily managed utilizing our Advisor as a PM, portfolio builder, drift management, and rebalancer tools.

If you are a SS&C Advent client, please click here to learn more about the added benefits of using SMArtX and Black Diamond.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions – Managed Accounts 2.0

SMArtX is the only platform providing clients access to long only, long/short, short only, and options strategies through a single brokerage account (UMA).  We provide this access with low minimums, flat fees, and the benefits of intra-day performance reporting and liquidity.

SMArtX offers advisors unparalleled portfolio flexibility and customizable investment solutions to meet each investor’s objective.


All investment strategies are run by investment managers who are RIAs and subject to SMArtX’s comprehensive due diligence process.


SMArtX enables advisors to create customized multi-strategy portfolios based on specific investment objectives for each  client.


SMArtX charges a flat fee to access both traditional and alternative models on the platform.


SMArtX provides information on the firm, strategy, personnel, and performance, enabling informed decisions based on qualitative and quantitative metrics.


SMArtX offers integrated client billing and advisors can put their own name/brand on reports.


Investing in any of the investment strategies is just as simple as buying a stock, and you receive intra-day performance pricing, not next day NAV.


Intra-day portfolio pricing and reporting provides a current value of each strategy and the entire investment portfolio at any time of the day.


Through SMArtX’s custodians, clients receive consolidated tax reporting shortly after the year end.